OUR VALUE TO CLIENTS: We find new market opportunities for your company or project. We bring your company or project together with decision makers to foster new opportunities.

OUR VALUE TO BUYERS: We search for buyers who appear to have a strong focus and mission to incorporate and utilize innovative sustainable goods and services. We provide the opportunity for them to benefit from the innovative goods and services our clients provide.


CleanWave Group will consider motivated candidates who have an entrepreneurial approach and a passion to make a positive difference for society and the environment.

Ideal candidates will have the following:

  • Industry specific knowledge and experience
  • An independent drive, collaborative and outgoing style, and an interest in attending networking related events.
  • The ability and confidence to initiate and make personal connections with high level management in the public and private sectors.
  • Willingness to find and initiate new opportunities for client development and business solutions.
  • The confidence to initiate business opportunities and solutions.
  • An existing and established industry or sector network.
  • Ability to develop creative solutions and see potential value and opportunity in a wide variety of both obvious and unexpected circumstances.
  • Ability to quickly formulate and consider opportunities and solutions for a potential client.
  • An interest in creating innovative solutions for client needs.
  • A belief that industry silos are outdated and inefficient.
  • Ability to work with a business platform that has an entrepreneurial structure.

Academic Credentials: Strong academic credentials are a plus.  Strong research and writing ability is important.
Compensation: Entrepreneurial model.  Candidates must be willing to focus on projects using an entrepreneurial model.
Language: Fluent or near fluent English is important.  Foreign language skills are a definite plus but not essential.
Location: Global.  Reliable and consistent access to modern communication and a location affording frequent interaction with industry and ventures is important.

Please send a resume, cover letter and three references in confidence:


We genuinely look forward to learning more about your interests and experience!

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